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ESSER III Spending Plan


This ESSER III spending plan was developed by the administrators at Rapoport Academy Public School in conjunction with RAPS stakeholders. Stakeholder input was gathered via public comment opportunity at a regular board meeting held on June 15, 2021. RAPS also used data from a family survey sent out early in 2021 as well as conversations with campus teams (teachers, instructional coaches, campus leaders) and the Board of Directors, which included the faculty representative, the parent representative, parents, and community members.

Total ESSER II Award: $1,350,000

Addressing Learning Loss

At least 20% of the total grant award must be set aside for learning loss mitigation. RAPS has planned for $1,016,728 (74%) of the funds to be expended to target specific staff and activities to mitigate COVID learning loss.

  • Employment of 5 additional teaching assistants to address achievement gaps and loss of learning due to COVID-19 in the daily classroom.
  • Employment of 4 Interventionists to address specific learning loss issues with students individually.
  • Employment of 2 Intervention Coordinators
  • Summer school programs at each campus
  • Additional duty for teaching staff to complete after-school tutoring


Additional Activities

  • Professional Development and TEA Certification for Teaching Assistants and Interventionists to help meet the comprehensive needs (including social/emotional needs) of all students.
  • DMAC, iStation, Ascend Math, and Character Strong subscriptions
  • Misc. PPE supplies, cleaning supplies, sanitizing services
  • Payroll and staff retention costs to ensure a high-quality staff for addressing learning loss, maintaining district operations, and ensuring continued employment.

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