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Board of Directors

There are nine members of the Rapoport Academy Board of Directors, each elected to serve staggered three-year terms. Officers are elected by the members of the Board. Directors provide public service to the Rapoport community without financial compensation. Candidates are identified by community members with each position reflecting a specific area of expertise.  These areas are Parents, Staff, Healthcare, Legal/Law, Business, Non-Profit, Finance, Higher Education, and K-12 Education.

Meet the Board

An image of Emilie Cunningham, PhD, MPH

Emilie Cunningham, PhD, MPH

President / Healthcare Rep
An image of Rochonda Farmer Neal

Rochonda Farmer Neal

Vice President / Higher Education Rep
An image of Grady Crowson

Grady Crowson

Treasurer / Business Rep
An image of Rachel E. Pate

Rachel E. Pate

Secretary / Government and Policy Rep
An image of Amanda Milam

Amanda Milam

Legal Sector Representative
An image of Neil Shanks, Ph.D

Neil Shanks, Ph.D

K-12 Sector Representative
An image of Chaquinta Hill

Chaquinta Hill

Parent Representative
An image of Chris Nason

Chris Nason

Faculty Representative

Meeting Information

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors are usually held on the third Tuesday of each month at the Dunham Creative Arts Center (1020 Elm Ave., Waco, ATC 76704) beginning at 5:00 p.m. unless scheduled otherwise. 


Contact a Board Member

Board President

Board Faculty Representative

Board Parent Representative